Stern v. Marshall - Cases

With hundreds of cases citing the Supreme Court's Stern v. Marshall decision it is a herculean task to keep track of all that is being said. Although we are dedicated to highlighting the more significant decisions citing Stern through our periodic Stern Files posts (and for major decisions, stand-alone post), we want to go a step further and help our readers sort through the mountain of judicial musing that Stern has produced.

Thus we have created a searchable list that allows readers to narrow the universe of Stern cases by topic, circuit, and local jurisdiction. The tool allows readers to find cases citing Stern from a particular jurisdiction or combination of jurisdictions, and to narrow the list of cases to only those that discuss certain combinations of topics.

Disclaimer: Although we will make every effort to keep this tool up to date and accurate, it is just that - a tool - and should not be relied upon for its inclusiveness or accuracy.

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